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Your process should tell the story of your success.

Don't give up. There's a way. 

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Some of our happy customers

Your needs are as unique as your business, but generally Series A startups need:

  • Answers

    Identifying the most urgent blockers to growth. Advisory and discovery.

  • Processes

    To make solutions scaleable, customer focused, and revenue positive

  • People

    Research confirms that choosing the right team is the #1 challenge to startup success. Our network can save you from the wrong team at the wrong time.

  • Systems

    Most people buy tech and then try to reverse engineer their process back to a buyer journey. Work with us to build in a systemic focus on customer impact that leads to scaleable revenue through reasonable revenue experiments that lay the groundwork for self correcting growth systems.

  • Technology

    The best place to use the stunning power of the modern B2B tech stack is to use it to throw fuel on the fire once the fire is built. Don’t expect your CRM to be your Prometheus. Your tech stack should be where your processes, people, and systems are enshrined.

Problems into process into profits for startups.

Your three step solution to go from stalled to exit.

$10K Hour:
Insight with Impact.

The way you’re doing things isn’t making enough money.

What if you could change that in an hour?

Big Win:
Problem Solved, Value Delivered.

Confront your problem and make it a solution.

Turn that solution into a scalable process.

Ghost Founder:
A Transformative Partnership.

Your missing piece.

Transform your business together.




Key to your Sources of Revenue

“Working with Eric is like unlocking your sales treasure chest. Anyone who wants 20+ years of professional sales know-how should work with Eric, he is the skeleton key to your sources of revenue”.  

Brice - General Partner | Water Bear Ventures


Loyal and Trustworthy

"Eric has a very well developed analytical skillset in sales and operations, but what stands out to me is his compassion and loyalty. The latter qualities are hard to come by in this industry. Eric is an innovator and unique thinker -- if you need someone trustworthy and able to handle a project with complexity, look no further."

Patrick - VP Sales


Unparalleled Insight

"Eric blends a deep technical understanding of marketing and sales technology with the strategic vision of a CRO. He also brings unparalleled insight into the sales process to better make technology benefit his clients.

I highly recommend working with him, he not only gets the job done, but he’ll teach you something while doing it."

Pasha - Founder


Values Your Success

"Eric is a fountain of RevOps, Go To Market, Buyer Journey, and Business knowledge. Not only that, he loves this work and wants to dive right in with you. Consider Eric a partner that values your success at much as you do. He will find the gaps in your current process and help you replace them with bridges."

Sebastien - Founder

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Eric Steeves - Silver Bear Revenue (2)-2

Eric Steeves

I have over 20 years of
successful sales experience

My specialty is discovery, which leads to understanding client's processes and helping them discover their real problem. I have the business acumen to manage and sell complex transformational changes, profitably.

I have an unconventional background.

I started as a bouncer, then I became a plumber through apprenticeship, then I learned how to grow plumbing businesses with customer focused sales. Then I trained as a firefighter and incident commander.

I'm good in a crisis.

But always - since 2001, I was selling. I made my first cold calls on a dial up modem system working for the Consumer Confidence Index -  cold calling people at dinner time. For my efforts I was rewarded with 6 hour blocks of exclusively calling people who had previously said to never call them again. I generally got people to agree to do the survey. For free. Without hating me.

That's how I learned to do the basics well. 

Over the last decade, I've dedicated myself to the art and science of sales-driven business growth. My expertise isn't rooted in the prestigious halls of the Ivy League or the corridors of the Big Four. Instead, it's grounded in real-world experience, a relentless focus on customer needs, and a track record of turning around companies of all sizes - from nimble startups to multi-billion dollar B2B powerhouses.

I subscribe to The Seller Code of Conduct.